Selecting and Hiring an Acoustical Consultant

It is important to select a consultant that specializes in the area of acoustics that meets the needs of your particular project (see specialty descriptions on home page). It is also important to consider education, references, and experience. You will most likely want to request information from the consultant in order to verify high standards in these areas. Each of the certifying organizations for acoustical consultants has their own high standards. For this reason you may want to consider a member of one such organization. However, this is not to say that non-members do not meet appropriate standards. The following step by step process gives a typical process in securing the services of an acoustical consultant:
  1. The first step is to select a consultant using the guidelines established above. In most cases it is highly desirable to select a consultant in your area. To search for a consultant in your area you can use the consultant database.
  2. The next step would be to contact the consultant by phone or email and describe the particular project that you will require services for. At this time you may also want to ask the consultant what their specialties are and if they are a member of any of the acoustical organizations.
  3. If the consultant that you have contacted does not specialize in your particular area of concern, it is advisable to ask them if they can recommend another consultant in your area who does.
  4. Once you have found a potential consultant for your project you can ask the consultant to send you a letter of introduction or a resume showing related experience and references. You may ask more than one consultant to provide you with this information in order to select the best consultant for your specific needs.
  5. Once you have selected a consultant, you will need to obtain a proposal. The consultant may desire a meeting at this point to further understand the scope of work before preparing a proposal.
  6. Once the description of work and fees are agreed upon, the proposal is signed and work commences.

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